Client Reviews:

Recommendation for Coach Holly Owens:

This past Saturday was a very special day for me as I was running the 47 th Cooper River Bridge 10K. The
result was my best finish time of 1 Hr. 9 minutes and 56 seconds. I accomplished this by running the
entire time. I had run the race fiver time previously never able to get over the bridge without stopping
to walk most of the steep incline. What does my race have to do with Holly Owens?
Last fall I had a goal of getting off my blood pressure medicine and I enlisted Coach Holly to put me on a
program of diet and exercise to attempt to accomplish this. Rule number one was to not stop taking my
medicine without doctor approval, so we started on our journey together. Last fall I weighed 225
pounds and Saturday when I ran the race, I weighed 190 pounds. I am sure not having to carry that extra
35 pounds was part of my success. My blood pressure readings have been some of the best I have seen
since before I started taking medication in the 1980’s.

The initial diet really helped me with overall health and energy and the first 20 pounds came off in 45
days. The week before Christmas I contracted pneumonia (probably from all my travel for work) and
when it was over my wind and energy level was greatly reduced. We discussed where I was and that I
really wanted to “Get over” the bridge. Coach Holly worked with me to regain my stamina and build my
core strength. I was challenged but encouraged to work hard and build muscle I have not seen since my
years of climbing poles and doing utility work for a living! I cannot thank Coach Holly enough for staying
the course with me and especially after my illness at Christmas that put us behind. Her devotion to my
success and continual encouragement played a big part in my success this past Saturday. I almost never
write reviews but I wanted to let people know that if you are looking for someone to help you with
whatever your health, strength, stamina, goals are or you just want to get in better shape I can without
reservation recommend Coach Holly Owens to take you there. Just FYI I will be 70 years young on
5/1/2024 and have not felt this good in years! Thank you Coach Holly!